Petitions on Iran Human Rights Crimes

Most Petitions filed on Iran Human Rights Crimes organized by Nedaagain

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Iran: Stop the Crackdown   166,557 signatures
   44 Nobel Laureates, Open letter to UN and world Leader on behalf of people of Iran by Elie Wiesel Foundation Holocaust survivor
Response to 44 Nobel Laureates open letter regarding brave men and women of Iran  100 Signatures
against the June 2009 coup d’etat in iran  37,318 signatures

Demand to the International Communities to take Urgent action in order to stop the crimes by the Islamic Republic of Iran and to bring those responsible to justice.  73,891 Signatures
investigation into crimes committed by ali Khomeini   52,470 signatures
Free Ayatollah Boroujerdi  442,625 signatures
Free Maziar Bahari Now !   8,735 signatures
Stop Child Executions   24,291 signatures

Iran president election   13,331 Total Signatures

Appeal to the UN on the Situation in Iran   15,422 signatures
United Against Nuclear Iran Petition


Open letter to Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, the Secretary General of the United nations   14,324 signatures

Mr. President, Please stop the policy of tolerance and negotiation with the Islamic republic regime.   10,634 signatures
Requesting UN members to walk out on Ahmadinajad on Sept 23rd, 2009   17,126 signatures

The Leaders of Islamic Republic of Iran must be tried!   486 signatures

On the drastic conditions of Iranian Political Prisoners  1,134 signatures

Help Stop the Slaughter of Iranian Freedom Seekers   1,254 signatures
Message to the conscious people of the world, in support of Iranian people   1,210 signatures

Condemn the suspicious deaths of political prisoners in Islamic Republic jails! Release Behrooz Javid Tehrani   723 signatures
Mission for Establishment of Human Rights in Iran
Defend the Rights of Kurdish Political Prisoners who are on Hunger Strike in Iran   1,136 signatures  Iran free the docs
Defend Free Speech and Secularism   1,041 signatures
The people of Iran DONOT recognise the Islamic Republic as their legitimate or rightful government or representative   512 signatures
Stay the Hands of the Murdering Mullahs   525 signatures
condemning the death sentences   1,539 signatures

the Iranian American Lawyers Association  801 signatures

Isa (Issa) Saharkhiz: Request for his release from Evin Prison Iran  463 signatures

Shirin Ebadi Urges UN Sec General to go to Iran  686 signatures
WOMEN SAY NO TO WAR   931 signatures
In Support of A Green Revolution in Iran   1,492 signatures

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